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Forklift Safety Training Program



Teach your forklift operators the essential safety information they need for responsible forklift operation with one of the most professional and effective kits you can use to train your operators. The training kit will help your forklift operators develop safety consciousness, avoid workplace accidents and damage/loss, run specialized forklifts such as high lifts and walk-along units and deal with outdoor operations.

Each kit contains:

  • One 27-Minute Closed-Captioned DVD
  • 1 Trainer’s Guide
  • 11 Employee Handbooks
  • 1 Wallet Card Sheet (perforated to provide 10 cards)
  • 1 Forklift Operator Evaluation Form
  • 1 Awareness Poster
  • 1 Training Log
  • 1 Forklift Operator’s Daily Checklist
  • 1 Certificate of Training— Classroom
  • 1 Certificate of Training— Operational