Meet the Instructors

Learn From a Faculty of Experts and Experienced Retailers

University-Level Instructors

Dr. Rob Mathews

Executive Director, Ball State Entrepreneurship Institute

Mathews specializes in how to build highly effective teams. His teaching style combines the theory of human capital development and his experience previously owning a home center.

Dr. Mike Goldsby

Chief Entrepreneurship Officer, Ball State University

Dr. Goldsby specializes is leadership, innovation and business strategy development. He authorized the “Entrepreneurs’ Toolkit” from Great Courses, as well as numerous books on small business strategies for success.

Wil Davis

Former President and CEO, Ontario Systems

Davis developed “The Noble Why” which helps students determine their personal and professional roles and purpose to help propel their organizations forward.

Brian Landis

President, Ancrage Consulting LLC

Landis spent much of his career with Accenture and now consults with small to mid-market sized businesses specializing in business process development and improvement.

Randy Tempest

Senior Vice President of Sales and Relationship Management, Meduit

Tempest has over 25 years of experience in the healthcare accounts receivable industry, working with some of the largest and most complex health systems in the country to meet its revenue cycle needs.

Home Improvement Industry Instructors

Gary Petz

Partner and Co-founder, Discovery Retail Group

Serving in both retail and wholesale hardware and lumber operations, Petz’s experience allows him to help retailers focus on the customer experience their stores create.

Phil Mitchell

Partner and Co-founder, Discovery Retail Group

Mitchell teaches retailers to understand that a store focused on creating favorable customer experiences produces increased shop times, increased impulse sales and a better bottom line.

Josiah Gates

Executive Vice President of Retail, Aubuchon Hardware

An RMCP alumni, Gates is a top executive for Aubuchon Hardware, with 105 stores located throughout the Northeast.

Jim Robisch

Principal, The Farnsworth Group

Robisch is a principal of the Farnsworth Group, the leading industry research consulting firm specializing in pricing perception of today’s consumers and pro customers.

Jim Close

Principal, Risk Management Loss Prevention Services Inc.

Close previously served as Director of Loss Prevention for Ace Hardware Corp. helping retailers reduce shrinkage in their businesses.