TeamBuilder is an assessment of the people side of your business. It analyzes your organizational structure and staff members to help you maximize their potential.


What is TeamBuilder?

TeamBuilder is an organizational development assessment that includes a comprehensive two-day analysis of the people side of your business. It fully analyzes your current organizational structure and the way your staff members interact with you and each other.

Discover how to get your staff working more cohesively as a team and set processes in motion to help you maximize the potential of your staff and improve your company culture.


    How Does it Work?


    Know Your Team

    You and your staff will complete DiSC®, the leading personal assessment tool to understand and improve work productivity, teamwork and communication.


    Evaluate Your Structure

    We'll work with you to improve fundamentals in your business, like your organizational chart and job descriptions, to help you align your team to your business goals and values.


    Go Beyond the Analysis

    The assessment will provide you with an analysis of how you can improve your business, complete with recommendations on training resources, leadership training and more.


    We're Here to Help!

    Kim Peffley is the Director of Organizational Development & Consulting. She began her career more than 30 years ago, working at her family-owned True Value, and then served as General Manager for a seven-store Ace chain in Indiana. She established development and mentoring programs, created merchandising procedures and was instrumental in driving sales, decreasing expenses and growing the business. As a certified DiSC Facilitator and Consultant, Peffley uses her industry-specific retail management and leadership experience to offer professional training and support to retailers.

    Kim Peffley