Trainer’s Toolbox

The Trainer’s Toolbox series is offered to retailers as an ongoing training resource for their employees. They are ideal for use during employee meetings.


These lessons will cover a few of the many ways to improve the look of a store. Lessons can include anything from ten quick merchandising tips to some suggestions on how to build a creative display.

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This category covers a variety of topics, from loss prevention to HR issues to business financials and more. While most employees won't interact with many of these areas, teaching them the basics is important.

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Product Knowledge

These lessons will teach employees about different products and how to pass this knowledge along to customers. Lessons may cover new and trending products in a particular category or explain product uses.

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Selling Skills

Lessons in this category will teach employees what they can do to increase transaction sizes. These lessons may include how to upsell projects, how to improve add-on selling skills or how to make a good first impression.

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Featured Resource

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