Employee Training

NHPA offers more than 40 online training courses for retailers to educate their employees on product knowledge, project sales, customer service and more. These courses are available to NHPA Premier Members.

Training Benefits

It's no secret that trained employees are more confident and satisfied with their jobs. NHPA Premier Members have access to more than 40 online training courses, giving staff all the tools they need to succeed.


Increase Transaction Size

Employees who understand a customer’s project can suggest add-on sales, which can boost your average transaction size.


Decrease Employee Turnover

When employees have the skills they need to do their jobs, they will feel more confident and connected to the business.


Boost Customer Service

The more employees know about the products they’re selling, the better they’ll be able to answer customers’ questions.

Compliance Training Now Available!

NHPA offers a convenient and affordable way to give your employees workplace safety and HR compliance training. Courses are available for sale in NHPA’s Training Store.

Online Training Courses

With an NHPA Premier Membership, retailers have access to these online training courses.

Basic Retail Pricing

Perfect for anyone who wants a high-level view of pricing fundamentals, NHPA’s Basic Retail Pricing course shows the connection between a retailer’s pricing strategy and their overall profitability. The online course includes short videos, interactive segments, a glossary of pricing terms and a test. It can be completed in less than an hour and is compatible with any mobile device.

Basic Inventory Management

The course in Basic Inventory Management offers an overview of the basic concepts and best practices of managing inventory in a home improvement store. Topics covered include ordering, receiving, stocking, reporting, maintaining inventory accuracy and managing slow-moving and discontinued merchandise. Anyone interested in learning the basic of inventory management should take this course.

Basic Training in Hardware Retailing

Basic Training in Hardware Retailing equips employees with the basic product knowledge they need to start selling the eight core hardlines departments. Each course covers features and benefits of common products, along with selling skills and frequently asked questions.

Basic Training in Building Materials Retailing

Basic Training in Building Materials Retailing covers basic product knowledge in eight core building materials departments. In addition to outlining the benefits and features of basic products, each course covers selling skills and frequently asked questions.

Basic Retail Accounting

This course offers an introduction to the often-complicated topic of accounting by explaining the terms used in the two most common financial statements: the income statement and the balance sheet. It also defines basic financial ratios retailers can use to compare their operations against others in the industry. Business owners and any employees involved with financial management will benefit from this course.

Basic Training in Selling Skills

This course teaches employees the basic selling skills needed for delivering top-notch customer service. It covers topics such making a good first impression, dealing with customer complaints, overcoming objections, closing the sale and much more.

Basic Paint Sales

Basic Paint Sales covers the fundamental retail skills employees need to know to start selling paint. Topics include how to help a customer choose a color, selling skills, product sales, merchandising and store safety.

Basic Training in Merchandising

Proper merchandising will help improve sales, so it is essential that every employee be familiar with merchandising best practices. This course will help employees understand merchandising fundamentals and what they can do to maximize the impact of every display.

Project PRO

Understanding the components of the most common DIY projects and how to sell a customer an entire project instead of just specific products can make a big impact on a store’s sales. Increase transaction size and improve customer service with Project PRO. Each course combines PlanItDIY.com project videos with valuable selling skills.

Loss Prevention Series

NHPA’s Loss Prevention Program includes three separate courses covering internal theft prevention, external theft prevention and store safety. This training program is designed to help home improvement retailers develop a safe and secure retail environment for both employees and customers.

Our Three Pennies of Profit

One of NHPA’s longest-running programs, this 15-minute video is designed to communicate the fundamental elements of retail profit and loss to employees.

Joining a Retail Team

These short training modules are designed to help new hires understand the important role they play in the success of your business.

Coatings Specialist

This course offers an in-depth look at the different types of paints, stains and other coatings for sale in most paint and decorating stores. It also includes a discussion of applicators, the color wheel and selling skills.

Paint Customer Service Specialist

This course prepares sales associates with the customer service skills they need to successfully sell to shoppers looking for paint and decorating products.

Are You an NHPA Premier Member?

While all independent home improvement retailers are automatically members of the association with access to free resources, training and events, only retailers with an NHPA Training Membership can access these in-depth online training courses.

To gain access to NHPA’s online training courses, simply log in below or head to our membership page to see how you can become an NHPA Premier Member.