Tools and Guides

In addition to the Train the Trainer guide and Trainer's Toolbox lessons, retailers also have access to a growing library of additional tools and guides in many different categories.


At the speed technology changes, it may seem impossible to keep up on what’s best for your operation or even know where to start. These resources can help you navigate implementing and managing technology for your operation no matter where your operation lives on the technology spectrum.

Human Resources

Free resources in this category will help retailers manage difficult scenarios related to human resources management. Whether a retailer is looking for resources to better manage their staff or needs tools to assist with the hiring process, NHPA has it covered.


Marketing is a crucial element to running an independent business, and NHPA has put together a handful of resources to help retailers with a variety of marketing initiatives. Find resources related to improving social media efforts, planning the perfect events and enhancing customers’ in-store experiences.


Any independent business owner knows there is always room for improvement. Resources in this category will help owners evaluate and enhance various aspects of the operational side of their business such as inventory accuracy, strategic planning and store expansions.

Product Categories

In addition to in-depth product knowledge training available through an NHPA Training Membership, NHPA offers more than 14 downloadable selling guides on specific product categories such as plumbing, automotive, lawn and garden and outdoor living.