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Strategic Series

Strategy & Data-Driven Insights

5 Future-Focused Industry Insights

Join NHPA’s Dan Tratensek and The Farnsworth Group’s Grant Farnsworth for a conversation about key industry data from the last year. They will discuss retailers’ top challenges and opportunities and projections about category trends and operations focuses going into 2022.

Contactless Commerce

COVID-19 pushed every independent operator to reassess how technology could strengthen and streamline their businesses. From implementing curbside pickup to further investing in e-commerce, retailers found new ways to use retail innovation to reach customers. In this webinar, learn what the next year—and decade—look like for retail technology and how your business can use tech to take new steps forward.

Inventory Management

What long-term effects will the pandemic have on the way retailers manage their inventory? In this webinar, we’ll analyze what about retail inventory management may have changed, what changes are likely to stick and how we can use the lessons from the past year to create better business practices for the future.

Key Retail Metrics

High-performance retailers are regularly reviewing their key retail metrics to unlock new potential for their businesses. In this webinar, sponsored by Epicor, learn about four specific metrics retailers are tracking to streamline their operations. Plus, get insight from Epicor on how you can use your POS systems to gain data to understand these metrics better than ever.

2020 Market Measure

Join NHPA’s Dan Tratensek and The Farnsworth Group’s Jim Robisch as they discuss factors impacting the industry’s performance this year and share their predictions for what might lie ahead.

COVID-19 Impact

In this Strategic Series webinar, we’ll talk about how COVID-19 has impacted business in 2020 and what we can expect for the upcoming years.

Leadership Series

Leadership, Management & Culture

How to Lead Diverse Teams

In this webinar, owner Gina Schaefer of A Few Cool Hardware Stores, a thirteen-store operation in D.C. and Baltimore, talks about how her team made sure they weren’t biased in their hiring practices. She talks about what they track and offers steps you can take.

Additional Resources
Webinar Presentation

Managing Through Personality Profiles

NHPA’s Kim Peffley talks with TJ Comstock, Kandis Albertson and Jade Haynie from Northwest Hardware to learn about their experience implementing the Everything DiSC Personal Development personality assessments.

Everything DiSC

Presented by NHPA’s Kim Peffley, this webinar offers an in-depth understanding and background on the Everything DiSC Personal Development program.

Stress Tips for Teams

In this webinar, we discuss resources you can use to anticipate and address potential stress early and improve communication during challenging times.

Operations Series

Operations & Retail Best Practices

Retailers' Choice Awards

Celebrate the products that caught retailers’ eyes at the 2020 National Hardware Virtual Show in this presentation of the 2020 Retailers’ Choice Award winners.

Additional Webinars

Industry-Specific Education & Tips

2021 Conference

This collection of presentations and panel discussions features content from industry experts, successful retailers, and channel partners.

Disruption Series

This collection of presentations and panel discussions features content from industry experts, successful retailers, and channel partners.