Pay it Forward Scholarship Fund

The NHPA’s Retail Management Certification Program’s (RMCP) “Pay it Forward” Scholarship Fund is designed to provide needed financial aid for home improvement retailers who would like to attend the NHPA’s Retail Management Certification Program, but who need assistance with tuition expenses.

When you donate to this fund, 100% of the proceeds will be awarded to program applicants who apply for a scholarship.

For retailers donating to the RMCP Pay it Forward Scholarship Fund, the amount donated will be fully credited to the tuition expenses for a student from your organization who plans to attend a future class. For other industry partners who donate (manufacturers, wholesalers, individuals, etc.) you will be listed in program literature for your contribution to the fund.

We sincerely thank you for your generosity in helping with this cause to help educate future retail leaders in our industry.

Best Regards!

Scott Wright,
Executive Director of Advanced Retail Education Programs
North American Hardware & Paint Association

Pay it Forward
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