A Seaside Paint Destination

Nestled in the middle of St. Simon Island, Georgia, is Adelaide’s Paint & Decor. While the store has been in business since the 1980s, its current owner Walter Rafolski has operated the business since 1998 with his wife Sandra. His daughter, Rebecca McKenzie, joined in 2017 as a bookkeeper to help the family business. Rebecca’s brother-in-law, Josh McKenzie, joined not long after Walter purchased the store and has worked his way up to become the store manager.

Key Takeaways

  • The store has been in business since the 1980s
  • Owner Walter Rafolski took over the business in 1998
  • The store specializes in color matching for customers
``We’re a family here. Everyone gets along with one another, they work well together, and they always make sure the customer is taken care of.``

- Rebecca McKenzie


When customers enter, they are greeted by friendly and helpful staff members who have remained the same for nearly a decade. Rebecca attributes this to the family atmosphere and culture the store has created and nurtured over the years. 

“We’re a family here,” Rebecca says. “Everyone gets along with one another, they work well together, and they always make sure the customer is taken care of and included in that family environment.”

Unique Services

Adelaide’s Paint & Decor also works directly with local resorts, hospitals, schools, businesses and charities to support their varying needs. 

“We specialize in color matching,” says Josh. “Customers will bring in just about anything, from a chip of paint to an old photo from a magazine. We work hard to match every sample brought in.”

In addition to matching paint, the staff also color match spray paint and caulk. 

“Similar to our paint color matching services, we color match spray paint and caulk to any color customers bring in,” says Kenny Newton, sales associate and warehouse manager. “The local train station gets colored spray paint from us to patch up the engine, train cars, and the station itself. Spray paint helps protect steel against the salty air we have on the coast line and we can match it to what they need.”

The local hospital also relies on Adelaide’s Paint & Decor for color matching caulk for their patient rooms, waiting rooms and more. 

“We mix the caulk by hand,” says Josh. “You put the color into the caulk tube and shake it together until it’s mixed. Then you put in the hardener and again mix it by hand until it’s combined. Then it’s ready to go.”

Beach Escape

Since Adelaide’s Paint & Decor is located on a resort island in southern Georgia, their primary customers are contractors who work with the local resorts that tourists flock to in the summer. Walter and his family, both biological and found, have offered their services to the town for over 25 years and they don’t plan to go anywhere anytime soon.