Episode 86

Buchheits' Solution to Strengthening Operations

In this episode of “Taking Care of Business,” NHPA podcast producer and retail engagement specialist Renee Changnon talks with Jared Hotop, vice president of retail operations, and Petrina Jannin, human resources director, for Buchheits, a farm and home company with 20 locations in five states. Learn about how NHPA’s Kim Peffley was able to help the company develop an engaged team from top to bottom. In the episode, they share practical tips on how to use Everything DiSC® assessments to support organizational growth and development.

Do you want to learn more about how to incorporate Everything DiSC® in your operation? Contact NHPA’s Kim Peffley at kpeffley@yournhpa.org or visit YourNHPA.org/development/everything-disc/.

Music Credits:
“Let That Sink In” by Lee Rosevere