Operations Tools and Guides

Retailers looking to improve various operational practices in their businesses can use these helpful tools.

Featured Resource

Building a Strong Foundation

Discover how to build and maintain employee development programs to improve your employee’s specific job skills, general business knowledge and customer service and groom them to move into higher positions.

    Loss Prevention Checklists

    These checklists have steps you can take to reduce the risk of theft in your operation.

    Loss Prevention Store Audit

    Use this self-audit to identify areas where you may be susceptible to retail loss.

    BOPIS Best Practices

    Use these five tips to improve your buy online, pick in store service.

    Glossary of Key Financial Terms

    Use this handy glossary to explain core financial concepts to your team to strengthen your operation.

    Key Retail Metrics Handbook

    Identify four key retail metrics and learn how your team can unite to strengthen them.

    Project Plan Template

    Use this template as a guide for planning out the next project at your operation.

    Store Critique Worksheet

    Use this guide to evaluate your business or to partake in a peer critique.

    Impulse Selling Guide

    Learn how to merchandise certain products to make them more enticing to consumers.

    Inventory Accuracy Resources

    Learn about various inventory-related processes to help improve accuracy.

    Retailing 101 Quiz

    Take this quiz to discover what you know about marketing, finance, operations and human resources.

    Retirement Persona Checklist

    Retailers can use this resource to prepare for what can be an emotionally difficult life change.

    Store Expansion Guide

    This PDF suggests questions retailers should think through when they plan for their business’s future.

    Creating a Strategic Plan

    Learn about the different components of a strategic plan and how to get started.

    Attracting Potential Employees

    Getting a job applicant’s attention is the first step in the hiring process. Check out this checklist of seven must-have details a hiring page should include.

    Step-by-Step Guide for Creating QR Code Videos

    QR code videos allow you to better serve customers, sharing helpful information on products and services your operation offers. The videos also provide another touchpoint between your employees and customers. Follow this step-by-step guide to create your own QR code videos.