Product Categories Tools and Guides

Retailers can use this assortment of selling guides and product trends resources to educate their staff in a variety of categories.

Sandpaper Shelf Talker

Place this shelf talker in your store to educate your customers about sandpaper and improve your sales.

Native Plants Resources

Use this infographic and shelf talker in your store to educate your customers about the benefits of native plants and improve your sales.

Pool Accessories: Maintenance Checklist

Share this pool maintenance checklist with your customers to educate them on the activities they should be performing on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Aging-in-Place Selling Guide

Learn some of the common aging-in-place modifications and how to educate your customers.

Builders' Hardware Selling Guide

Learn more about the trends in the builders’ hardware category and how to sell specific products.

Lawn and Garden Selling Guide

Help your customers find success in building and maintaining their own food gardens.

Outdoor Living Selling Guide

Learn the ways consumers are putting emphasis on their outdoor living areas and how to sell products in this category.

Paint Selling Guide

Designers and retailers across the country identify popular paint trends.

Lawn and Garden Niches

This guide provides basic information and tips to stay on top of the pond niche.

Plumbing Professionals Online Resource

Professional plumbers and retailers offer advice on how to help customers in the plumbing department. This resource offers ideas for how you can build and retain pro plumbing clients.

Hand and Power Tool Selling Guide

Retailers identified best practices they implement to cater to both the professional and DIY customer base.

Tailgate Selling Guide

Understand the best ways to promote your tailgating products within the community.

Plumbing Selling Guide

This selling guide includes three infographic handouts to help associates better understand and sell the category.

Automotive Training Guide

This in-depth resource teaches associates about the various products and kits DIYers can use to maintain their vehicles.

Housewares Training Guide

This guide provides detailed descriptions about the various appliances commonly found around the house.

Outdoor Living and Sporting Goods

Covering everything from grills and water sports to bicycles, this guide details almost every product available in the category.

Ag Buildings and Products

Learn about the products used for constructing agricultural buildings.

Tips for Issuing Fishing Permits

Review these tips for issuing fishing permits as an added service to your sporting goods department.