Vision Process

The Vision Process is a year-long journey toward strengthening your team, defining company values and building processes and best practices that fit your goals.


What is the Vision Process?

The Vision Process is a time-tested and proven methodology that provides home improvement retailers with a full-service, integrated experience for building a high-functioning, world-class retail operation.

Our consultants and educational team will lead your entire staff through a year-long journey focused on strengthening your team, defining company values and building processes and best practices that fit your company’s goals.

The consultant will visit your store four times in one year (once each quarter), and we also provide additional support via phone calls, Zoom or other online options. This means you truly have access to a consultant all year to run ideas past, ask questions, troubleshoot and more.

Our goal during the four visits and supplemental support is help your business experience a shift in culture, productivity and profit.


    What You Can Accomplish

    Develop Core Values

    We can help you customize core values specific to your operation, providing alignment for your staff and processes. These values are critical to your business, helping in areas such as hiring, training and business succession.

    Implement Task Management

    We will teach you how to build and use a customized task management system that provides total transparency and accountability to ensure all staff members are aware of their responsibilities and help your team execute and drive results.

    Assess Personality Styles

    Using DiSC® Assessments, we will work together to assess your team’s management, leadership and communication style and then build a custom program to teach them how to communicate better, work together more effectively and solve problems.

    Establish Best Practices

    Our team will guide you in building retail best practices and operational procedures that successful independent retailers use to help increase sales and profits.

    Grow Training & Development

    We can help you implement staff development discussions and build training programs to improve employee retention, communication and engagement.

    Discuss Honest Feedback

    We will provide direct, honest feedback on your retail operation, its overall culture and team morale from both our consultant and your customers.


    We're Here to Help!

    Kim Peffley is the Director of Organizational Development & Consulting. She began her career more than 30 years ago, working at her family-owned True Value, and then served as General Manager for a seven-store Ace chain in Indiana. She established development and mentoring programs, created merchandising procedures and was instrumental in driving sales, decreasing expenses and growing the business. As a certified DiSC Facilitator and Consultant, Peffley uses her industry-specific retail management and leadership experience to offer professional training and support to retailers.

    Kim Peffley