Human Resources Tools and Guides

Understanding the ins and outs of managing human resources can be difficult. Using these helpful tools can make things easier.

Words Managers Use

Use this resource to discover five ways to motivate employees through positive affirmations.

Fictional Case Studies

Use these case studies to lead team discussions about common employee problems DiSC profiles can help resolve.

Personality Assessment Tools

Here is a quick comparison of four popular personality assessment tools.

DiSC Stickers

Using these stickers will help employees practice what they’ve learned about communication styles.

Employee Survey

Use this survey to better understand how well your employees are engaged with their jobs.

Orientation Checklist

This checklist helps ensure you have covered some of the basic topics when onboarding a new employee.

Evaluation Forms

Use these forms to get immediate feedback on a training course or program.

Job Description Templates

Use these templates for creating your own customized job descriptions for your business.

Employee Evaluation Form

Use this form as a guide to discuss employee performance, goals and developmental needs during reviews.

Workplace Harassment Resource

This helpful guide can be used with employees to answer questions about workplace harassment.

Basic Skills Test

This simple test evaluates a job applicant’s math and problem-solving abilities.

Employee Termination Checklist

This checklist offers questions to consider when deciding whether to terminate an employee.

Verbal Counseling Worksheet

Use this worksheet to maintain records of conversations with employees.