Employee Retention Toolkit
Employee Retention Toolkit
Employee Retention Toolkit
Employee Retention Toolkit
Employee Retention Toolkit

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Employee Retention Toolkit



This kit contains a variety of strategies, best practices, templates and resources for helping you reduce turnover at your organization. For an outline of the kit’s contents, scroll through the image to the left.

Below is an outline of what’s available in the full toolkit.

  • Retention Strategies That Work. Review these 14 strategies for retaining employees to see what might be missing in your organization.
  • How Top Retailers Reduce Turnover. Read how home improvement retailers create strong cultures that improve employee retention.
  • Onboarding Handbook. This handbook includes best practices and checklists for developing an effective onboarding process, which is critical to long-term employee engagement.
  • Employee Job Description Templates. Clear job descriptions reduce employee stress and increase engagement. NHPA has 19 job description templates to use as a starting point for developing your own.
  • Identify Disengaged Employees. Evaluate the engagement level of your staff to see if you could be facing a turnover problem by using this survey template.
  • Stay Interview Best Practices. Regular conversations with top-performing employees can help you spot problems early. This resource gives you some of the questions to ask.
  • Exit Interview Best Practices. When an employee decides to leave, having a conversation about why could give you valuable insights into your business. This resource offers some questions to ask during the exit interview.
  • Performance Review Template. Use this template to create an effective performance review and keep employees engaged.
  • Retaining Talent Through Engagement and Wellness. This presentation offers reveals why you should focus on engagement and employee wellness, and then offers practical tips for doing it.
  • NHPA Academy Catalog. Whatever your training needs, NHPA has a program to help. The catalog outlines all of the options in NHPA’s Academy for Retail Development, from options for individual growth to organizational development.
  • Effective Incentives. There are many different ways to create perks and benefits that will encourage employees to stick with you. This list offers examples of incentives other retailers offer their employees.
  • How to Attract and Retain Top Talent. In this short online course, you’ll learn all the stages of talent management, from recruiting to transition.
  • Motivating Employees. This online course discusses the unique forces that motivate individuals and how you can use that knowledge to everyone’s advantage.