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NHPA offers a variety of programs and assessments to help build the people side of your business and improve communication, reduce conflict and increase overall productivity.



Featured Solutions

Vision Process

The Vision Process is a year-long journey toward strengthening your team, defining company values and building processes and best practices that fit your goals.


TeamBuilder is an assessment of the people side of your business. It analyzes your current organizational structure and staff members to help you maximize their potential.

Consulting & Mentoring

Retailers looking for other solutions can take advantage of our hourly consulting options, ranging from owner support, manager mentoring, operational support and more.


Everything DiSC® is a personal development learning experience measuring an individual’s communication preferences and tendencies based on the DiSC model, resulting in a more engaged and collaborative workforce.


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Kim Peffley is the Director of Organizational Development & Consulting. She began her career more than 30 years ago, working at her family-owned True Value, and then served as General Manager for a seven-store Ace chain in Indiana. She established development and mentoring programs, created merchandising procedures and was instrumental in driving sales, decreasing expenses and growing the business. As a certified DiSC Facilitator and Consultant, Peffley uses her industry-specific retail management and leadership experience to offer professional training and support to retailers.

Kim Peffley

Ask Kim

In her new column in Hardware Retailing and Paint & Decorating Retailer magazines, NHPA director of organizational development and consulting Kim Peffley bridges the gap between the challenges independent retailers face and the abundant solutions available. Drawing from her own personal experiences and the extensive knowledge available in the industry, Kim will answer retailers’ questions and help them navigate challenges and pursue aspirations for themselves and their operations.

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