Marketing Tools and Guides

Retailers can discover free tools, tips and inspiration to improve the marketing and promotions side of their businesses.

3 Digital Strategies for Operations of All Sizes

Glean insights into digital strategies, resources and best practices operations of all sizes can utilize to improve their online presence.

Best Practices to Define Your Online Strategy

Learn more about the “hub and spoke” model for digital marketing that utilizes as many digital platforms as possible to expand digital reach and drive traffic to a company’s website.

Improving Digital Presence With a Dynamic Website

Whether you are launching a website for the first time or looking to make your current one more effective, see how a website revamp can improve your digital presence.

Shoppertainment Resources

Download the discount dice and project bingo pages to turn in-store promotions into games.

Social Media Holiday Graphics

Download these holiday graphics to post on social media throughout the year.

Right click on the link above and select “save link as…” to download the zip file.

Event Planning Checklist

This resource provides different tasks to accomplish to host a successful event.

Social Media Toolkit

This  toolkit includes best practices, a content calendar, an analytical tracking template and more.

Right click on the link above and select “save link as…” to download the zip file.

How to Write a Press Release

This press release template offers a list of points you should include in any press release you write.

Stay Organized With a Social Media Calendar

Gain insights into what exactly a social media calendar is and why you should be using one as part of your marketing tasks to stay consistent and build relationships.