Navigating Cash Flow


Join us for this brand new course featuring structured sessions, interactive roundtables, networking opportunities and a comprehensive six-week virtual follow-up program to ensure hands-on, real-life implementation of what you learn.

October 15-16 | Indianapolis


This course addresses both aspects of cash flow management: minimizing expenses and maximizing revenue. Each session is designed to provide practical strategies and actionable takeaways for participants to improve their cash flow.

Session Breakdown

Laying the Foundation

Identifying Problems: Understanding both external (cash shortages) and internal (stress, burnout, overwhelm) issues.

Basics of Cash Flow: Introduction to essential financial statements and their relevance.

Key Takeaways: Understanding operational and financing expenses, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.

Applications: Implementing the basics in your business.

Budgeting Brilliance

Creating Realistic Budgets: How to set achievable goals and estimate expenses accurately.

Contingency Planning: Preparing for unexpected financial challenges.

Key Takeaways: Budget templates, marketing budget tips, and payroll best practices.

Applications: Practical implementation of budgeting techniques.

Smart Inventory Management

Balancing Inventory: Managing inventory to meet demand without excess.

Vendor Negotiations: Tips for effective negotiation with suppliers.

Key Takeaways: Regular evaluation and management of inventory.

Applications: Identifying and addressing inefficiencies in inventory management.

Speedy Receivables, Happy Payables

Prompt Invoicing: Accelerating cash flow through efficient invoicing.

Managing Payables: Maintaining good relationships with suppliers while ensuring financial health.

Key Takeaways: Best practices for managing receivables and payables.

Applications: Implementing strategies to improve cash flow management.

Marketing Magic and Cash Flow: Short-Term (6-12 months)

Sales Strategies: Boosting short-term revenue through creative marketing.

Key Takeaways: Tools and strategies for immediate cash flow improvement.

Applications: Developing a prospect pipeline and customer pipeline for short-term gains.

Marketing Magic and Cash Flow: Long-Term (12+ months)

Customer Loyalty Programs: Building a loyal customer base to ensure steady cash flow.

Key Takeaways: Long-term sales strategies and customer relationship management.

Applications: Creating sustainable marketing plans and nurturing long-term customer relationships.

Monitoring and Adapting

Financial Health Metrics: Using key performance indicators to track and improve financial health.

Adapting to Change: Stories of resilience and adaptation in challenging times.

Key Takeaways: Continuous improvement processes and savings strategies.

Applications: Practical steps to ensure ongoing financial health and adaptability.

Hard-Hitting Challenges & Solutions

Roundtable Discussion: Tackling assumptions and focusing on significant challenges impacting cash flow.

Seasonal Changes: Managing cash flow during off-peak and peak seasons.

Other Challenges: Addressing market volatility, competition, and unexpected economic shifts.

Key Takeaways: Strategies for dealing with cyclical cash flow variations and market unpredictability.

Applications: Developing robust plans to mitigate the impact of these challenges.

Virtual Follow-Up Sessions

A series of follow-up sessions over six weeks will help participants implement these strategies, monitor their progress and make necessary adjustments to ensure lasting improvements in their cash flow management. This course provides a comprehensive approach to improving cash flow, combining practical tips, real-life anecdotes and actionable takeaways to help participants manage their finances more effectively.

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Cash Flow


About Kim Peffley

Kim Peffley is the director of organizational development & consulting. She began her career more than 30 years ago, working at her family-owned True Value, and then served as general manager for a seven-store Ace chain in Indiana. She established development and mentoring programs, created merchandising procedures and was instrumental in driving sales, decreasing expenses and growing the business. As a certified DiSC Facilitator and Consultant, Peffley uses her industry-specific retail management and leadership experience to offer professional training and support to retailers.

About Brian Young

Brian Young is a former third-generation retailer with over 25 years of experience. He sold his stake in his family’s hardware business to his brother, and now leads Laoch Consulting. During his tenure in the hardware operation, he focused on employee retention and engagement, increasing product mix and margin and driving store traffic through event-based and alternative marketing methods. As a consultant, Brian loves helping business owners navigate and elevate through the aspects of business that proved most challenging for him: people, profit and planning. He has a degree in finance and received the Young Retailer of the Year award from the North American Hardware and Paint Association in 2009 for his achievements in his family’s business.