Webinars - Disruption Series

Employees First: Disrupting Assumptions for More Loyal Customers and Stronger Sales

Hancock Lumber president and CEO Kevin Hancock discusses the social and economic benefits of creating an employee-centric company. The first mission of work should be enhancing the lives of the people who do it. Hancock explains how starting the flywheel of corporate success with the employee experience creates enhanced results for customers, communities and corporations. In this presentation, Hancock revisits and reclassifies several long-standing assumptions about business.

How Independents Are Still Disrupting

In this Strategic Series webinar, we’ll talk about how COVID-19 has impacted business in 2020 and what we can expect for the upcoming yearsDo it Best president and CEO Dan Starr talks with NHPA executive vice president Dan Tratensek about the future of the industry and the opportunities that are available for independents to innovate, compete and win in their markets. In this exclusive presentation, attendees will understand the value that the independent model brings to the industry and how the most successful retailers stay relevant through disruption..

5 Disrupters Challenging the Home Improvement Industry

This session will explore five critical disrupters to the home improvement industry and your business. They are issues and forces that are redefining how your customers shop; shaping how you communicate with prospects; forcing operational changes; and changing the way you provide service. This session will identify these disrupters, the challenges and opportunities surrounding each and how you can address them and find success.

Generations of Succession

In this panel, learn about the ins and outs of successfully passing down a family operation. Hear both sides of the story, with insights from fathers who passed the business to their daughters, and find out the new operators are carrying the business through the next generation. Find out what they might do differently and how they ensured a smooth transition.

NHPA Top Gun Awards

Each year, NHPA honors some of the industry’s top performers with the Top Gun Award. At this session, find out how these innovative retailers are succeeding through disruption in the retail channel, growing their operations and serving their communities.

How the Channel is Serving Solutions

NHPA vice president of sales and Hardware Retailing publisher Kevin Hohman leads a conversation with representatives from manufacturers that have committed to supporting the independent home improvement channel. The conversation will highlight why these companies find value in working with independent retailers, how they are supporting retailers as the landscape changes and what opportunities are available to retailers to help them manage disruption in their markets.

Evolving Technology

Two innovative, tech-focused retailers from California and the Midwest will discuss how they have prioritized implementing technology in their operations as a way to differentiate in their specific markets, improve employee efficiency and compete against big boxes.

Driving Awareness for Diversity and Inclusion and Measuring Results

This presentation begins with a brief historical vignette of the hardware store—because hardware stores are reflections of our values and our communities, both past and present. Thompson will share his own personal journey and discuss outcomes of the unconscious bias training he spearheaded at Taft Law. As a labor lawyer, he will provide guidelines for hiring, training and retaining diverse personnel (gender and race), and he will demonstrate the positive long-term outcomes of doing so.

The Disruption Cycle: What It Is, Why It Matters and What to Do About It

Organizations across every industry are continually moving through various stages of the business cycle. But in recent years, the cycle has sped up. The days when change moved slowly, like the hands on a clock, are long gone, and business models that once lasted for decades can now become irrelevant in mere years. Disruption has become the norm rather than the exception, and at the completion of each disruption cycle comes innovation (sometimes) or obsolescence (often). In this presentation, Steve McKee will explain the disruption cycle, help attendees determine the stage their companies are in and provide helpful tips on how to be disrupters rather than the disrupted.

How to Manage E-Commerce in a Post-Covid Environment

By some estimates, the COVID-19 pandemic has fast-forwarded e-commerce adoption by up to 10 years. Now more than ever, brands and manufacturers need to ensure their e-commerce business is set up for success. During this presentation, presenters Barber and Sinclair will focus on the five “its” of e-commerce success: Have It, Find It, Display It, Price It and Deliver It. They’ll walk through actionable insights around fulfillment, marketing and content that will turn your e-commerce business into a competitive advantage today.

The Tools You Need to Improve Your Culture

The culture in your store has a direct impact on both employee and customer satisfaction, which then has a direct impact on the bottom line. In this session, NHPA retail consultant Kim Peffley will discuss several tools that can make an immediate impact on your operation, and she will suggest tools to add to your strategic planning to further develop and improve your company culture.

6 Steps to Selling Your Business

Selling or transitioning your business can be overwhelming and complicated. Most business owners are not sure where to begin when considering the sale of their own company. In this presentation, Gary Pittsford, president and CEO of Castle Wealth Advisors, will provide an outline of ideas for increasing business value, selling strategies and saving taxes when it’s time to sell the company. The presentation will not only address where and how to begin, but will also talk about ways to prepare for the transition, including six critical areas of concern where all business owners should focus their attention while developing their succession and retirement plans.